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March 21, 2017

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Talk to God

September 18, 2017

_ccrl Talk to God

Persevere in prayer.

Romans 12:12

 How often should we pray? The Bible encourages us to “pray continually,” to “persevere in prayer,” and to “pray constantly.” (Matthew 26:41; Romans 12:12;1 Thessalonians 5:17)

To learn more about the precious privilege of talking every day with our Heavenly Father, please visit HERE


_juno Time For Tea Preview

This card was made using  the free digital kit, “Time For Tea”, available soon on Junosplace

FUSION - Teacup Flowers

…and this Card Sketch from Fusion Card Challenges

60556-OA7PTS-858 web



These full-sized elements that coordinate with “Time For Tea”

are included in the card download.




Don’t Give Up! and Kingdom Come: 5×7 in

June 28, 2017


CO-invpw17_E-1 copy

This year’s series of Annual Conventions has begun and here in Ireland, the 3-day event will be taking place from July 14 – 16 at City West Conference Centre, Saggart, Co. Dublin

CO-invpw17_E-3 copy

If you don’t live in Ireland, to Find a Location Near You, please follow these directions…

CO-invpw17_E-2 copy

Doodles076 copy

_ccrl 5x7 Kingdom Come


“You must pray, then, this way:
“‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth. Give us today our bread for this day; and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And do not bring us into temptation, but deliver us from the wicked one.’

Matthew 6:9-13

When we pray, we probably all have the tendency to put our own personal concerns first. But Jesus taught us how to pray, what to pray for, and what our order of priority should be.

 Matters relating to Jehovah God should be given first importance in our prayers.

To learn more, please visit HERE and scroll down to paragraph 12

Doodles076 copy_juno Ipheion

Today’s card was made using the free kit, Ipheion,

(Some artwork by

and this Card Sketch from CASe This Sketch


The Flower and Pennant Cluster is included in the card download

juno Ipheion Flower and Pennant web






Trust in Him: 5.5 in sq

June 4, 2017

_ccrl Trust in Him

Trust in him at all times, O people.
Pour out your hearts before him.
God is a refuge for us.

Psalm 62:8

We may speak openly, ‘pouring out our heart’ to God. But what may we pray for?

Please visit HERE for the Bible’s answer.Doodles076 copy


Today’s card was made using this sketch from Mojo Monday

and free digital kit “Ipheion”, available shortly from Juno’s Place.

Swatch copy

Edit: The free kit is now posted! I made a swatch from artwork

and based the kit on that.


_juno Ipheion


The coordinating Journalling Mat is included in the card download.


I Am The Way

May 19, 2017

_ccrl I Am The Way

“I am the way and the truth and the life.

No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6

For our prayers to be heard, what are the first two most important things? 

Please visit HERE for the answer

(see Paragraph 9)Doodles076 copy_juno Fusion

Today’s card is based on the free kit, Fusion, available on Juno’s Place

Some graphics by

_juno Fusion Papers

Fusion Template-001

I really loved the Fusion sketch for this week that I based my card on, so I swatched it for my kit as well, as a tribute to the wonderful inspiration from this great card sketch site.


The full-sized, approx. 8 in Flower Frame, which coordinates with the kit Fusion,

is included in the card download


O Hear My Song

May 9, 2017

_ccrl O Hear My Song

  O Hearer of prayer, to you people of all sorts will come

Psalm 65:2

Why can we have confidence that God hears our prayers?

In what ways may his answer to our prayers come?

To find the answers to these questions,

please visit HERE

You may also like to listen to the song I had in mind as I designed this card

Here are some of the lyrics…

Song 44.JPG

To listen to this exquisite song,

please visit HERE

You can see the rest of the lyrics HERE

Doodles076 copy

_juno May Music

The matching kit, May Music, is now available at Juno’s Place

_juno May Music Papers

Here is a closer look at the Papers

Fusion Sketch

I also used this Card Sketch, Musical Butterfly

juno May Music Butterfly web

The Watercolour Butterfly is included in the card download


Nisan 16: He Has Been Raised Up

April 14, 2017

Wooden board empty table top on of blurred background. Perspecti

He is not here, but has been raised up
Luke 24:6


But on the first day of the week, they came very early to the tomb, bringing the spices they had prepared. 2 But they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, 3 and when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. 4 While they were perplexed about this, look! two men in shining garments stood by them. 5 The women became frightened and kept their faces turned toward the ground, so the men said to them: “Why are you looking for the living one among the dead? 6 He is not here, but has been raised up. Recall how he spoke to you while he was yet in Galʹi·lee, 7 saying that the Son of man must be handed over to sinful men and be executed on the stake and on the third day rise.” 8 Then they remembered his words, 9 and they returned from the tomb and reported all these things to the Eleven and to all the rest. 10 They were Mary Magʹda·lene, Jo·anʹna, and Mary the mother of James. Also, the rest of the women with them were telling these things to the apostles. 11 However, these sayings seemed like nonsense to them, and they would not believe the women.
12 But Peter got up and ran to the tomb, and stooping forward, he saw only the linen cloths. So he went off, wondering to himself what had occurred.

Luke 24:1-12

Nisan 16 Tomb Empty

An Empty Tomb, Because Jesus Is Alive!

Jesus Appears to Many

The Resurrected Jesus Appears to Many

Jesus and Peter Galilee

Jesus and Peter at the Sea of Galilee


And lastly, a reminder that a Special Talk is being given worldwide on Sunday, 16th April.

“How to Cultivate Peace in an Angry World”

For your local details, please see the back of your printed Invitation, or visit HERE


juno Mariposa Set

A matching kit for each day’s card is available at Juno’s Place

(Some graphics by

_juno Watercolour Mats

The Watercolour Mat Set will available as a Special Bonus

to all who leave a comment either here on this blog, on my Juno’s Place blog

or by email to

any time throughout the Memorial season.


juno Mariposa Watercolour Banner

_juno Watercolour Banners

juno Mariposa Watercolour Banner


He Has Been Raised Up Mariposa Card


Nisan 15: After 3 Days

April 13, 2017

Wooden board empty table top on of blurred background. Perspecti

“After three days I am to be raised up.”
Matthew 27:63


The next day, which was after the Preparation, the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered together before Pilate, 63 saying: “Sir, we recall what that impostor said while he was still alive, ‘After three days I am to be raised up.’ 64 Therefore, command that the grave be made secure until the third day, so that his disciples may not come and steal him and say to the people, ‘He was raised up from the dead!’ Then this last deception will be worse than the first.” 65 Pilate said to them: “You may have a guard. Go make it as secure as you know how.” 66 So they went and made the grave secure by sealing the stone and posting a guard. 

Matthew 27:62-66

Nisan 14 Day g Jesus' Body Is Prepared and Buried

If you’d like to read/listen to what happened today from the book,

Jesus – The Way, the Truth, the Life

Please click on the picture above,

and go towards the end of the chapter.



juno Potentilla Set

A matching kit for each day’s card is available at Juno’s Place

(Some graphics by

_juno Watercolour Mats

The Watercolour Mat Set will available as a Special Bonus

to all who leave a comment either here on this blog, on my Juno’s Place blog

or by email to

any time throughout the Memorial season.


Potentilla Watercolour Ribbon Banner

_juno Watercolour Banners

juno Potentilla Watercolour Banner


After 3 Days Potentilla Card