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Be Transformed: A2 and A6 and The Blood Issue: Part 1

June 8, 2015

_ccrl Be Transformed


 Stop being molded by this system of things, but be transformed by making your mind over,

so that you may prove to yourselves the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Romans 12:2

The metamorphosis of a land-bound caterpillar into a fluttering butterfly that dances through the air is one of life’s everyday miracles. One thing I didn’t know about this process until recently is that it is hard work! It involves lots of effort over a period of time until the butterfly emerges and is ready to fly off.

The phrase “be transformed” in the scripture above uses a form of the word “metamorphosis” in the original Greek text. For us to become beautiful in God’s eyes, we may need to make serious changes to our way of thinking and acting, and these changes take time and effort. But the good news is that “the good and acceptable and perfect will of God” is provable. When it comes to considering the use of blood, let’s prove what God’s will is by using God’s word.

As we’ve been examining since March,  the Source of Life is Jehovah God. He shares the gift of life with us and we are precious in his eyes. We show our gratitude and respect for him by valuing our lives and the lives of others as he does. In the first book of the Bible, Cain takes the life of his brother Abel, and Jehovah tells Cain: “Your brother’s blood is crying out to me from  the ground.” (Genesis 4:10) This shows the important link between life and blood in the mind of God.

He reinforces this by telling us the same thing multiple times throughout human history. So after the Flood, Jehovah tells Noah and his family, “Every moving animal that is alive may serve as food for you.” However, God set this restriction: “Only flesh with its life—its blood—you must not eat.” (Genesis 1:29; 9:3, 4) Again, this clearly shows the link between life and blood.

800 years later under the Law of Moses, the prohibition on blood was again plainly stated, ‘You must not eat the blood of any sort of flesh.’” (Leviticus 17:13, 14) and this was once more distinctly repeated in the first century for Christians,  “…keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols, from blood… and from sexual immorality.” (Acts 15:28, 29)

Does this apply to blood transfusions? What happens if it’s a life or death situation? How do Jesus’ words help us? Are there any alternatives to blood transfusions?  Please see my next post for Part 2.

To read or listen to more on this topic, please visit, “A Godly View of Life”.Doodles076 copyIMG_5047 web

Today’s card is made using my new kit, Melissavena, which will be posted shortly on Juno’s Place. My son, Killian, took this photo for me of the printed card. I made two cards from one sheet of A4 card and so I had a little, white border on the bottom. To soften this edge and harmonize it with the rest of the card, I inked the edges with a combination of Scattered Straw and Wild Honey Distress Inks. A small detail scissors and a decoupage snips were very helpful for cutting around the butterfly shape. Using a Uni Pin fine liner, I coloured in the white tips of the butterfly’s wings and extended the lines into the body to blend. Finally, I inked the cut edge of the butterfly and the inside of the card with the Distress Inks, extending the colour towards the centre of the card inner so that when the card is closed you can see pretty colours instead of plain white.


The 4 in Butterfly is included in today’s card download.

juno Melissavena Butterfly web



A2 ccrl Be Transformed

A6 ccrl Be Transformed


A2 ccrl Be Transformed

A6 ccrl Be Transformed

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  1. fl_connie permalink
    June 20, 2015 6:36 pm

    Thanks for both the download of this gorgeous card and the instructions you provide!

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