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Print Points: Printing Unusual Sizes

August 13, 2009

Print Points mcp

Since my last post, I have had to buy a new printer. I am now the proud possessor of a HP Photosmart All-in-One printer which of course I now have to learn my way around. I was very happy with the Epson, my first printer, but it died – just as I was about to print my son’s Wedding Invitations!

The invitations are backed with  Indian Cotton. This is a most beautifully textured, deckle-edged thick paper in a soft cream.

However, although it is sold as A5 size, in reality it is a little larger, which I discovered when I did a test print. To achieve a properly centered invitation, I had to measure and input a Custom Size into the printer.

The departure point for all these modifications is the Properties dialogue box. (See earlier in Print Points: Changing Printer Defaults) In my Epson printer under Size in this box, at the end of the dropdown menu you will find “User Defined” . In this box, you input your required dimensions, give your new settings a name and click Save. For Metric sizes, note that the dimensions are in millimetres. If the new dimensions are being rejected, check that you are inputting Width and Height in the correct boxes.

In my new HP printer, I had to search for the right place to do this. I found that in the main Properties dialogue box, there are a few Printer Shortcuts listed under Paper Size. To find  further alternatives you need to choose a tab at the top called “Features”. In this box, look for Resizing Options, and there in the dropdown menu is a “Custom” option.

Give your new custom setting a name, in my case “Indian Cotton A5”, and save the name. Choose the radio button that applies to you, Inches or Millimeters. Then input your new dimensions and click OK. And you’re done!

The new option will be available now – in the Epson at the end of the Paper Size list, in the HP in the section Features – Resizing Options > More.

Every printer is different so it is a case of looking for these categories under similar names in the Properties dialogue box for your printer.

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