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Print Points: Changing Printer Defaults

July 31, 2009

Print Points mcpThis is one of those things – so easy when you know how, but baffling to the beginner. When I bought my first printer, it took me an embarrassing amount of time to realise that I could use different sizes of paper and card if I changed the default settings on the printer.

By default, most European printers are set to print paper on the office standard A4 sheet size. I presume American ones by default are set to Letter sheet size.

You can fit two A6 cards on one A4 sheet, which is fine if you are happy to cut and score each card. As I started producing more and more cards, however, I discovered that you can buy quality, A5  pre-scored card blanks. Using these blanks cuts down on your production time and gives a more professional result.

So, how to change the defaults if you want to print an A6 card (folded size) on A5 card?

When you are satisfied with your design, rotate your canvas so that the orientation of your card is portrait, i.e. long-wise. (Alternatively you can change the orientation in the printer dialogue box,  but my method is to change my file before printing and feed all paper into the printer portrait-style.)


Press “Print”. Your printer dialogue box will open.

Somewhere on this box, on the top right for my Epson, there will be a “Properties” button.

See highlighted section above.

(click any picture to enlarge)


Click this –  another dialogue box opens. Look for a “Size”  drop-down menu and click this.


Select your paper size from this menu, in this case A5.


To print on card, you must change the default from “Plain Paper”

to one of the options from this drop-down.

For regular, uncoated cardstock I choose “Epson Matte” from this menu.

Press “OK” at the bottom of the box.

This brings you back to the first dialogue box where you choose the number of copies you want,

press “OK” and off the printer goes.

(Unless, like me, you are completely out of yellow ink!)

If you are nervous about whether you have got all the settings right,

you can also select “Print Preview” in the “Properties” box.

The Rose Frame in the screenshots above is available tomorrow from

Juno’s Place

as a

Commercial Use Freebie.

The link is in my side bar.

Carol Bfly

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