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Print Points: Using Blend Modes

July 18, 2009

Print Points mcpAs I mentioned, you can print the WordArt png files on your own backgrounds or any colour of your choice.

By using Blend Modes the results are far more interesting. In Photoshop, you can find these easily by looking at the top of the layer dialog box.

The Blend Modes are in a drop-down menu – look for the usual inverted triangle with “Normal” beside it.

Click the triangle to open the menu.

Fab Tip: Use your arrow keys to scroll down through the modes to quickly see how each effects the WordArt.

For a great explanation of how Blend Modes operate, see this TUTORIAL by Amanda of TaylorMade.

Thanks Amanda!

ccrl 5x7 Lucite

(click image to view larger)

To make this 5x7in card or picture, make a new document, 5x7in, 300 dpi and fill with this Lucite Green.

Drag in the plain WordArt, holding down Shift as you do to automatically centre it.

Drag in the eyes (credit: hawksmont) on to a new layer and position. Change Blend Mode to Darken.

Drag in the butterfly on to a new layer and position. Change Blend Mode to Overlay.

*Note: If you use the embellished WordArt with a Blend Mode, the tear can “disappear” so I have included it separately as well so that you can simply position it on a new layer over the disappeared one.

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