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Death an Enemy: 5×7 and Special Campaign

November 10, 2013


And the last enemy, death, is to be brought to nothing.

1 Corinthians 15:26

This lovely scripture is on my mind because it’s included in the Special Campaign tract, “Can the dead really live again?” which is being distributed worldwide this month. If you haven’t been offered a copy yet, you can  listen to, read and/or download the pdf  HERE. Have a look – It will come folded, so the “front page” will look like this…

Kingdom News 2013-1 copy Kingdom News 2013-2 copy    Kingdom News 2013-3 copy


My Own God: 148mm

August 14, 2013

ccrl My Own God 148mm Card copy


“My own God sent his angel and shut the mouth of the lions.”

…And Daniel was lifted up out of the pit, and there was no hurt at all found on him,

because he had trusted in his God.

Daniel 6:22, 23

Powerful angels protect Jehovah’s people even today, which is a great comfort because there are also wicked spirit creatures. If you would like to learn more about this, you can do a Search on the Online Library at Click on PUBLICATIONS on the top menu bar and then Online Library from the side bar, see below.

Captureccrl-Download-Here-redoneDoodles076 copyjuno Susurrations

Most of the design elements making up this card come from my kit, juno Susurrations, available free on Juno’s Place.

2012 Special District Convention, “Safeguard Your Heart”; and Angels

July 10, 2012

And the details right way up for those not standing on their heads ;-)

(The Invitation is intended to be folded)

For further details, please see my other blog, Junosplace.

And he makes his angels spirits, and his public servants a flame of fire…

Are they not all spirits for public service, sent forth to minister

for those who are going to inherit salvation?

Hebrews 1:7,14

There is so much fascination with angels today, but very little accurate information portrayed in books and films etc. Which is unfortunate because what the Bible says about these powerful  spirit creatures is very compelling. We know that there are millions of them (Rev 5:11), and that they existed long, long before humans were created (Job 38:4-7). And as the above scripture shows, they are keenly interested in those “who are going to inherit salvation”. Jehovah uses angels to strengthen and protect those who want to serve him. 

The download folder contains Bonus Material that matches the  juno “Gladness” kit.

The Wings and Shadows are separate pngs, and the BG is also included.

Memorial: Tomorrow

April 4, 2012

The text reads:

Jesus is now reigning as an exalted King. But what does this mean for you?  Many believe that Jesus died for them. Yet, how can one man’s death almost 2,000 years ago mean life for others today? You are cordially invited to listen to the Scriptural answers to these questions. This information will be presented when Jehovah’s Witnesses gather to commemorate Jesus’ death on Thursday, April 5.

This special event will be held at the time and place shown below. (The details printed on this Invitation pertain to one particular part of Ireland. Please contact your local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses for details of your nearest Kingdom Hall.)

The weekend following the commemoration of Jesus’ death, Jehovah’s Witnesses will also present an intriguing Bible-based discourse entitled “Is It Later Than You Think?” This talk will be one of the highlights of a worldwide effort to reach out to all those who love Jesus. You are invited to attend.

Son of Man: 148mm

April 4, 2012

Just as the Son of man came, not to be ministered to,

but to minister and to give his soul a ransom in exchange for many.

Matthew 20:28

Memorial season encourages us to meditate on all the reasons we have for the deepest gratitude to Jehovah and to Jesus. The forgiveness of sins now, the restoration to perfection during the Kingdom rule, everlasting life in peace and harmony, the coming perfect world free from injustice and crime, sickness, disability and death…Though available to all, Christ’s ransom sacrifice is not accepted by all. Being present at the Memorial shows that we acknowledge that we have been bought with a price. (1 Cor 6:20; 7:23)

We can wash our hearts clean now and have the hope of a paradise future, thanks to the ransom sacrifice of Jesus. He is well deserving of our thanks and our obedience. “Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” Luke 22:19

The download includes Bonus Material that coordinates with the kits Peace and Unity.

Memorial: Thursday April 5

April 3, 2012

The Memorial of Jesus’ Death takes place worldwide this Thursday, April 5.

It begins after sundown which in my part of the world is 8pm.

This is the only event that  Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to memorialize.

It is also known as the Lord’s Supper, or the Lord’s Evening Meal.

“Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19)

Isn’t the question on the front of the Invitation interesting?

Your Word Is Truth: 148mm

April 3, 2012

“Your word is truth.”

John 17:17

A simple, clear and unambiguous statement by Jesus.

The Bible contains God’s message of truth.

An illustration I find very helpful is that you can use the Bible as a filter.

Many of us have been brought up in different faiths that teach different things.

But you can pass any teaching through the filter of  God’s Word.

If the teaching is not supported by the Bible, it’s not the truth.

The download contains bonus material that co-ordinates with the “Peace” kit at Junosplace.

BTW, I forgot to mention that the download includes

Bonus Material that co-ordinates with “Peace”


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